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I am a writer of Travel Guidebooks and travel extensibly around Europe and South America. In a newsgroup, I knew a nice lady from Pennsylvania and I helped her with a few tips for her trip to Chile. Later, we became friends and she recommended me to other cruisers and suggested me to organize shore excursions in a more formal way, making well use of my experience.

In 2001 I began to offer personal tours to small groups in Valparaíso, Santiago de Chile and Coquimbo. In the season 2001-2002 the tours are offered also in Arica, Puerto Montt, Guayaquil (Ecuador) and Buenos Aires.

Shore Excursions
Santiago (Chile)
Puerto Montt
Punta Arenas
Buenos Aires

Pre/Post Cruise Tours
Machu Pichu
Easter Island
Robinson Crusoe
Torres del Paine

I can also arrange Pre and Post Cruise Tours to Easter Island, Robinson Crusoe, Torres del Paine, Machu Pichu and Galapagos, at prices significantly lower that the traditional ones, including the transfer between the airports of Santiago or Buenos Aires and your hotel or Cruise.

My extensive experience as a writer of Travel Guidebooks had helped me to create a net of people who would attend you like a friend would do. Each personal tour is individually tailored for a maximum of 6 members. In that way each traveler can be inmersed in the country that are visiting; stops are made wherever a passenger likes. Just let me to know if you like, National Parks, Chilean Wine, Museums, Shopping, Photography or perhaps a Galapagos trip.

Passengers are taken from/to the Hotel or side of the dock by myself or the guide in charge of the tour, together with a professional driver; on board there is always a cell phone, sometimes even WAP.

In many tours are offered complimentary sweets, chocolates, soft drinks, mineral water; you always will find a nice surprise. With the exception of "Asados" (barbecues), lunch it is not included, but the guide can suggest places that suit your preferences. Nor the Guide nor the organizers receive any comission from recommended merchants.

For those passengers arriving or leaving at Valparaíso, I offer 10 minutes of free phone calls to the US/Canada and, like in most of the excursions, 60 minutes of free use of Internet. At the end of the tour the guide will give you a form to fill with your opinion and suggestions. Please give it back to the tour guide sealed inside the envelope provided. Any information that you give me is optional and is received under condition that I will not sale, use or share it with any other person or company. I will only use to prepare better tours for present and prospective travellers.